CHAPPER GROUP located in Ft Walton Beach, Florida, is composed of three companies which specialize in the location, purchase, and sale plus financing of Commercial Retail, Residential Multiple and Industrial zoned improved properties of any size or vacant sites having the zoning or potential for the above stated uses. In addition to conventional financing, we also assist in the placing of FHA 221.d4 non-recourse funding for qualified multiple residential complexes through our associate, Edward Steffen of Atlanta, Georgia.

The principal operating officer of the CHAPPER GROUP is David E. Chapper. Chapper having over forty years experience in every form of real estate activity (e.g. acquisition, syndication, development, construction, sales, financing, etc.) has been educated in Accounting, Engineering, and presently holds a State of Michigan license to practice law. Twenty-five + of these years have been spent in southern and central Florida. We are now located in north Florida and are working in Alabama and Georgia.

The CHAPPER GROUP works primarily for acquisition and development clients located throughout the entire United States. In many cases we are retained by our clients to locate feasible sites with specific attributes for their specialty uses. In addition we locate sites for private investments.

We look forward to working with you and your group relating to the location of qualified sites and/or the disposition of properties presently controlled by your investors or companies.